[Question] Shouldn't the person on the side of paying the money of "Papa Katsu" just go to the sex industry normally?

Always I am indebted,

I ate three pieces of bread in quick succession in the morning.
By the way, the coffee milk we drank together had passed its expiration date for a ridiculous amount of time.

"Oh, it's okay."When I was putting it together, it was really okay

This is Seki from the PATOLO Division, who is in the middle of realizing the strength of his stomach.

Ladies and gentlemen, did you have a wonderful weekend?

I went to Kyoto privately and visited Kiyomizu Temple with my company staff.

I don't have anything every day, so I want to take a smelling picture!and

I was able to take a picture of a couple without any problems, thanks to their cooperation in taking pictures as if they were on a date.


Thank you very much!


Why do men who want to be dads dare to be dads instead of going to the sex industry?

I would like to answer the question.

When I was working at the club, I often heard it when I had an interview.

"Why did you choose Papa Katsu instead of drinking and customs?".

This is by far the most common reason.

・Because I'm tired of the customs and drinking shops.
・This time I want to meet a normal (amateur) woman in a relationship like a lover.

In Fuzoku, the amount of money is clearly determined, such as how many minutes and how much to do something.

It also sets a timer, and when the sound rings, the time is up,

, which is themed around You can only meet at the time and amount determined by the shop.

I have very little lover feeling,

Freedom is limited

I think the point is also big.

For example, even if you want to go out to eat together,

I can hardly do what I want to do outside the shop (home)

Because it is monitored (or rather, protected) by the people at the store

There is no room for negotiation regarding the content of the date and the amount.

That is the neck of customs. .

You just have to back out!There seems to be an opinion that

If you find out, it will cause trouble for the shop and above all, the princesses, and in the first place

It's not fair to do things outside the rules

Any sensible man would understand.

In addition, as one of the reasons not to use customs

I don't like the atmosphere of simple manners and customs, there was also a person who said!

as one of the major factors

For the princesses of manners and customs, with anyone, or rather

I can't refuse because the content is included in the service, so

I become one uncle among the customers I deal with in a day.

Some people don't like it.

I have a dream, and I want to support that dream and goal,

Women have the right to choose who they

Among them, "I can act because I was thought to be good."

The relationship between two people who are not okay with anyone

finding value

It is an impression that there are many people who say.

Papa active girls are also former ordinary girls,

As long as you are doing daddy life and earning money with daddy life

I don't have a so-called side job or anything, I've only ever worked as a student or a lunch job

Not a normal girl in the sense that she doesn't know anythingThat

I really want you to understand 🥺💦

However, from the point of view of men, as a job

Whether it belongs to the store or not

I feel like I'm becoming a standard for a normal girl.

It really varies from person to person, but I have the impression that many people come to interviews like this.

Therefore, it is not customs

The current situation is that the number of Ps looking for girls on apps and dating clubs is increasing.

It was a story.

I say it out loud, but the manners and customseven if, even without

To be honest, everyone is a normal girl in front of the person they like! ! ! ! !

I will leave happy memories behind.

I'm in love but you can't believe me

I really want to go on a temple date with my boyfriend someday

On the omikuji drawn

It was written that "Life and death don't go as you wish."

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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