[Question for men] What would you do if you were offered a higher amount of money than you thought?

We become indebted to,

It's finally Christmas tomorrow👽💏

Ladies and gentlemen, have you already met Pj-san and p-san?

Those who have multiple regulars,

Have you ever been lost or in trouble with a present?

I don't know how long this relationship will last,

think of a gift

invest money,

Struggling to keep the relationship with the other person...

This is investment love.

I also want a present from a good p

I want to carry even a little bit of Christmas, but it's too heavy to carry

I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division.

for women the other day

How much should I set my allowance?I wrote a story about

This time




What should I do if I am offered a higher price than I thought?

I would like to write ✨

First of all, I think it depends on the p side's stance.

I think it's divided into the following patterns.

・I am swamped so much that I want to develop.

・If anything, it would be nice if it could be developed

・If you can't develop today (even if you can), you may not have to meet next time

So, if you repeat the date only for meals several times

"Because I have accumulated this much money."I feel like there are a lot of cases where I'm obsessed with it.

In that state,

"If you can't do it next time, let's stop chasing it."

, which is themed around Be prepared to a certain extent and be able to respond resolutelyIs

I feel that it is a trick for women to "respond properly".

Every time I take a man to a restaurant with a high threshold,

get a nice hotel

hand over to the woman,

Sometimes we give presents...

No matter how much you have, it's not enough... let alone one person can manage somehow

Multiple is really painful...

Isn't it going to be...?

I set it as [5] last time assuming that I can have an adult relationship.

For starters,

to the woman in front of meAsk about the approximate amount you want, or exploreIt may be good.

First of all, it is personal to become one of the minimum borders

In the impression of numbers 3,

And the next border is the impression of 5.

There are actually women who are okay with 3.

▼ It seems to be divided into the following patterns.

・Completely beginners (patterns that have not met so far and do not know their average amount)

・Pattern of low self-esteem where you cannot receive more money due to your appearance

・Pattern of OK without emphasizing money because the time we can meet together is rather fun

really high level

Rather, a transcendentally beautiful woman who has appeared on TV and has seen it on a national broadcast

You were registered with the club

Do you not have a complete sense of the market and your own market value (I don't know if the word is appropriate)?

How often do you usually get approval?

When I asked, howTwo!!!

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, celebrities!?

I hope you're okay with that."

While thinking, Eh, that's right! ?I remember answering.

From a man's point of view, it's a dream story

Allowance amount by personreally relativeIt was the moment when I felt it.

I got off topic...

If the amount that the woman proposes is out of the budget,

If you feel that it is a little harsh


"Understood, I was thinking of a flat rate of XNUMX yen, but if you change your mind, please contact me."

Tell mepull onceWe recommend that you

If you are a woman who wants to meet (be able to have an adult relationship) even if you compromise on money

A follow-up message will be sent to you.(I see that example often)

"Then XNUMX yen is fine, what do you think?"

If there is no follow-up contact,You don't have to develop to that extent,

In other words, if you can develop with that amount of money

Evidence that it is thought that it is okay to not develop and earn 0.

Maybe it's because women have a core, or maybe it's simply because they think it's faster to hit someone else.

However, women's circumstances and feelings change over time.

I don't think you need to give up just because you were rejected once.

It's okay to feel like pulling in the form of temporary withdrawal. (May not be expected at all)

I don't know how the relationship between men and women will change depending on the timing...

So take some time off and check again to see if your feelings have changed.

The most important thing is to keep in touch, and in any case, to be uninterrupted.

I have a boy I want to do too! !I keep getting rejected because my guard is too strict, but I'm here! !

There is such a woman! ! !

But I haven't given up hope, let's do our best together! ! !

Today's subject

What would you do if someone offered you a higher price than you thought?

→Tell us your desired amount and temporarily withdraw (pretend)


This is the end of the nonsense of Seki, who seems to have no choice but to live as a mother.

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