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[Reality] What you need to know before starting an investment romance




Always I am indebted.
your mind is yours, your body is yours,



If you call it a normal PJ, it's the opposite! ?

This is Yuna Seki from the patolo division, who is waiting for Tsukkomi.



I sincerely hope that I also want to actually go to investment love.

But before that.



Before registering for investment romance PATOLO, men and women, member stores, even those who have had sexual intercourse
I have a request for all of humanity.

What is it?





It's a sexually transmitted disease test.




I can't help but be afraid of that, which is especially popular these days.





Yes, syphilis.





△What is syphilis? (to explain very briefly)


Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by a pathogen called Treponema pallidum.

In recent years, the number of people infected with syphilis has increased rapidly.

△Main infection routes↓↓


△ The troublesome part

hard to detect infection

Long-term exposure can cause serious brain and heart complications.

In pregnant women, syphilis can spread to the fetus through the placenta, resulting in stillbirth, premature birth, neonatal death, and malformations.

Even if you are completely cured at the moment, your history will remain forever.

△ Will it be completely cured?

Can be completely cured with a few weeks of antibiotics or a single injection

Quote: Government Public Relations Online 





△ Occasionally, I hear the claims of a man who doesn't really understand





"I don't have a sexually transmitted disease, so I'm fine, so let's live."
"Men get symptoms as soon as they get venereal diseases, so I'm not sick now."
"That kind of syphilis can't be like that~ it's okay."




I sometimes hear voices like this...but!Don't take it seriously!

Rare sexually transmitted diseases will eventually become

There is no data that the person is not affected by 200% now.


remarks of strangers

"Well, this person says so, so it's okay!"

Let's not believe easily!



Currently, there are places where you can take it anonymously at public health centers (you can take it for free in most places).
I will post the test facility in Tokyo as soon as possible✨

Let's be careful about hiv, so I'll leave a link ✨
List of hiv test sites

Yuna Seki

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