[Manga] Episode XNUMX: Before making money

Hello ✨

I'm Yuna Seki from the investment romance platform PATOLO business department✨

Continuing from the other day, it will be the second episode, sorry for the dirty eyes 🥺 lol
















So what we staff always want to say is that women's physical strength and time

It's really finite, so don't push yourself too hard and be kind to yourself first.

I'm begging you to take care of yourself...!That means 🥺



I believe that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body.


When you despair because you don't have money, first apply for a sex job!but

Apply for PATOLO!But no.



Please be kind to yourself and ask if it's the same.

That is the wish of the PATOLO staff 🥺 


everyone's mother 

Yuna Seki

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