[Cartoon] Episode XNUMX: Wondering whether to go to the sex industry

Always I am indebted.

This is Seki from the PATOLO business department, investment love.
Finally, this blog has more articles to post the progress up to the release.

Today, when it is said that young people are becoming less literate,
Wouldn't it be easier to read if I explained it in manga?I think
I tried to draw an illustration✨



In the future, until registration, you can see the illustration at a glance

I would like to write an article that will serve as an explanation


“You should do this a little more.”
"I want you to draw with this kind of theme"

If you have any questions, please let us know ✨

From the new series to the end
I would appreciate it if you could read it (*^^*)💦


(I'm sorry if I turned into a picture diary in my mood💦)


















Unexpected character development 🥺🥺 (laughs)

So thank you again for this week✨
Have a nice weekend ✨

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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