[Warning] About theft in investment romance

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always want money

i want a lover

Is it because my heart is so greedy that I want happiness?
No one can steal my heart,



My heart is lonely. This is Yuna Seki from the PATOLO business department of love investment.






The worst thing is "theft of the heart"

I and the Princess of Cagliostro's Castle are aware






Investment romance, especially in Pikatsu

The market has decided that financial theft is the worst.

Enter a bank or convenience store and withdraw money! 

It's also a fine theft (no longer a robbery) 


There are also snatching and fraud, and even if you are told to "beware of thieves!"



"Be careful, how can I be careful..."
There should be a lot of people who will be.




This time, I would like to take up a case that actually happened in Pikatsu.




[Headline] What Piya PJ should be aware of regarding theft













This news was featured on the upcoming 2023.2/19.

↑ If you read this, you can understand the whole story, but if you extract it for those who are troublesome

male name,

My name is Masa.

"We will charge you 15 yen at first, but we would like you to deposit 4 yen for the credit fee."

I'm going to make a proposal.

Woman confirms that 15 yen is in the envelope that Masa had

Insert the 4 envelope brought by the woman

Go to the coin locker and put the envelope away
(💣The envelope has been replaced by then)

Go to the convenience store, pretend you got a callLeave Masa

Inside the coin locker is a toy counterfeit bill and a cardboard box.




How is it?


Did those who believed believe it too?I think, but don't you think it's done well?
Masa, don't you think it's like a magician when it comes to Shisuri change, which is quite familiar?


If you are not used to it to some extent,

I think it's hard to get a vigilant woman to shift her attention away from money to something else.


And when you see how many times you do this, the chances of success are high.




Scatter the bait and collect it properly...
I wish I could put more effort into other things...
Money theft (fraud) for women who want to earn money is very thorough and cunning.




What we women can do to protect ourselves, Is



・Think once again whether the person receiving the support needs to pay.
・Keep in mind that a good story has a hidden side or an ulterior motive.
・You should choose sites and clubs that mediate people as much as possible.


It is also the case for men

A woman who should want money says she will reversibly pay for it for free.
There is no such thing as fishing ads on dating sites😢


I think that the things I mentioned above can be done even now.
Let's protect ourselves by creating net literacy, the ability to think again, and people to consult with.


I just want to protect girls

Yuna Seki

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