[Protect your heart] Should you tell your loved ones about your activities?

We become indebted to!
Even if you drink until midnight, the next day is work,

Reason works many times over the weekend, hoping that it will affect the next day
I think that I can make a solid investment in tomorrow when I can go to work before my usual work time.

I am Yuna Seki, a member of the general public and a member of society who promotes PATOLO at the company and personally strives to promote health.




The youthful 20s, the 30s when the life stages are changing, and the unknown 40s for me...
As I go through life, I may or may not have a partner I like.



Do you have a favorite person now? ? ? ?





Today, if my activities are going to be exposed in some way, will I react?
As a staff member, how do you tell women who consult you?

I would like to write about





▼Is dad still alive?When asked about the content of

I posted this in a column I wrote for Universe Club before.
How much information the other party has to confirm with you,

Start by looking for 


*This is a story that there are various ways of thinking, and I would do it this way, so it's not bad


and by the opponent
Decide whether to say that you are a daddy or to lie. 



In my case, I first tell men that I work for Papa Katsu Kaisha.

I will not say anything about my relationship with the other person.


(For women, I separate them, but I observe them very closely.
Someday I would like to write about the characteristics of women who are not pj's enemies, if there is demand lol)




If you like someone, if you're a lover, it's not particularly good. 

For some reason my husband knew that I worked for our company, so he must have found out somehow.
It's heavy and uncomfortable! 






At the very least, there is a high possibility that you will change the impression you have of yourself. 



And young, out-of-town men are labeled as women who "do that."


In other words, it might be better to say that it is because there is no understanding, because it cannot be understood.

At the very least, I think it's going to be a little farther away from the favourites. 




So I stick to lies.



Telling impenetrable lies, telling lies, and feeling half-hearted guilt in your actions


To continue being a dad
I personally think it should be truncated.



Otherwise,The activity itself is painful.becomes
Why am I living as a dad even though I have someone I like...Utsudashino,



even if it doesn't go as far as
Because I feel pessimistic that my life is not fragile. 



What if I honestly told him that I was working as a dad and ended up breaking up with him because of that?
There is no origin or child.Nothing is good for anyone. 



If no one is happy, why not take risks?



I want to feel refreshed, I want you to understand that I am doing dad activities and accept it
I understand the feeling of wishing strongly!Well, no matter what happens, I'll tell you!I can't stop those who say 💦


Trust your instincts, sometimes it goes in the right direction… Duck! ?



▼Let's do it when we quit papa katsu


I will stick to this one!
Lovers, lovers and partners are more likely to be surprised by knowing this fact.
All the more so if you are loved.


If you really like him, you want him to be yours forever (as long as you're dating).
"Again" I wonder if I'm doing a strange activity...It's hard work to get through the eyes of a man like that.



If you want to continue pj, let's refrain from making your way into thorns.
For yourself, for others.



And I hope someday I will be able to write about how I maintain myself when I am found out and despised.



The PATOLO Division, which has never been exposed in various ways
Yuna Seki

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