June 17, 2023

[Countermeasures] Maintain mental health

Always I am indebted.

Earlier, what should be done in Piikatsu to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?


If you're serious about what you can do

The power cable was pulled out by someone else at the last minute, and I was in despair because I couldn't backup or restore.

I brought a hot drink and chocolates to invest in my mentality first.

I'm your PATOLO, Yuna Seki, and I want everyone to know about investment love for the next generation.



What was the content and amount of work I had written and the amount of time it took?
I was hesitant, but after meeting with a man I met on the app, I made a big deal,


On top of that, compared to the woman who ran away before paying, the time and quality were stunned,

The wall you have to overcome is also completely different.


II shouldn't be so shocked that the article I was writing disappearedand a fresh start,
I changed my mind!



This switch is quite a bit of energy and energy, isn't it...!




When I was depressed while continuing my activities,
How can I stay motivated to get closer to my goals and dreams?What can you do?


I would like to write about




Just this is OK!

take a breather

Frustration will come along with despair.


Does it make sense to continue like this?

What I'm going to do from now on


Don't you have an endless cycle of negative thoughts that can't be helped?



I have! !
In such a case, what you need is Yukichi from your father or a restaurant with a beautiful night view.

It's nothing.



Adequate nutrition and rest.



① Sleep as much as you can
(XNUMX) Take as much nutrition (what you like and what is good for your body)
③ Get together with your friends and listen to the episodes where you did poorly and get encouragement


This kind of self-pampering activity is sometimes necessary.
Hard-working people might think that pampering yourself when you need money, but it's the opposite.


I think it's the best way to have both cost performance and speed to accumulate energy in yourself.




Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind,
Conversely, it is human beings who are affected by the body that should be healthy without a healthy mind.



If your mind is depleted, let's prepare it from your body first.

And when you feel filled with energy, or feel like you've had some free time,


then again

Open the contact app from Mr. Pimomi,

I think it would be nice to return a message.




▼This is the most important point

Don't keep in touch with your uncles half-heartedly!

On the contrary, I am sorry,"I am disqualified from Pj"And"Not suitable"or things that cause negative feelings

I said it, and sometimes I said it because of the condition...


Take a good rest when you rest, and try to bring it to a flat state.



When we, the staff, are pushing ourselves to work,

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, vulnerable, or wanting to hurt others


Sometimes there comes a moment when you just can't help it.

I felt the sign as soon as possible,


"Oh~~~ It's okay to toddling. Just living is great!!!"


Sometimes you can keep your motivation, life, and foundation without crumbling.


Just like earthlings who are really living in the present age, everyone is like water in a cup that has been put in a glass that is barely tense.

I fill my vessel with various things, and sometimes push myself to the limit.



It's really great, but.

If it gets to the point where I can't keep going, and I can't even think of doing my best

No body or lid😿



We want the girls (and sometimes the boys!) who register with PATOLO to be loose, smart, unreserved, but professional.
We, the staff, sincerely hope that you can enjoy investment love and life ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶

Have a nice Friday.

Yuna Seki

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