[Actual record] Examples of scary uncles in the p-katsu industry

We become indebted to,

I'm Seki from the PATOLO business division and an investment lover (what do you mean?).



A friend of mine works as a manager at a supermarket.

A colleague (male, 40 years old, mentally ill) becomes a part-time JK


“I have saved XNUMX yen!

I have no problem with money.”


I am troubled by the mysterious harassment that sends personal LINE,

These days, I just feel pity.



When a friend (manager) tells him to quit,

what a surprise"It's part of communication."He said that he came back with

Ah, it smells like crime... and my heart is shaking.



Is it necessary for the uncle to communicate with JK outside of work?

Where does this feeling of mine that makes me want to return with a straight face come from? 





The uncles of the members who are usually involved

I'm angry because I didn't do such a poor and clumsy move!



And I'm realizing it.

Because I know the inside this time,



of the stray uncles of the world

"I don't know what to do" Women should know the fearThis is the story.




🥺Stray uncles have people like this 🥺



・I'm supposed to be a dad, but I'm looking for a girlfriend

"I think most people are doing dad activities, but aren't you looking for a boyfriend?"


And the uncle who runs for a boyfriend.


do you want to save

don't you want to be a dad

Is what you are looking for different from the original?



For some reason, I think that paying allowances is "not equal",

In the first placeThe feeling that you shouldn't be in the dad live marketOwner of


I can't talk about it ✨✨



Of course, there is a pattern in which the father becomes a boyfriend as it is.

But if the feeling on the male side is this

GirlThere is no point in recruiting with the Papa Katsu appIsn't it (*^^*)💦


A man from a different field is nothing but a nuisance for women.




・ Uncle for sexual exploitation


simply female"This may be my fault as well."

An uncle who takes advantage of the feeling.


Daddy life"There is an adult relationship" "Because everyone is doing it"Saying

forcefullyTrying to bring it into an adult relationship.



and when you're done

"Is it okay for my parents and school to find out?" "This is consent and prostitution."and so on


On the contrary, threaten and try to cry and fall asleep


A creature intended for sexual exploitation?Human like?Human style?I also have an uncle.




・ Uncle who sexually exploits and tries to defraud money


Taking advantage of the psychology of women who want to receive money from uncles,

I'll transfer the money at the end of the month, so please have an adult relationship first

StillTemporarily make the girl pay money under the guise of a security deposit,

As it is, the scammer is also fineTonzulado…



There are such cases.

Girls want to believe they can get money from men.

It's so embarrassing that I can't even tell people about it, it's painful, I cry and fall asleep...😢




why is this happening

Is it because he's bad?There is that too 🥺

But one of the factors is this

"Because there is no third party's eyes"


no one will find out,

I don't know who to talk to, I can't tell anyone

Under such circumstances,It's important to be watched by someone.




Daddy life is more dangerous in my own way.



I sincerely hope that you will avoid danger while receiving support from someone.

The opposite is also true, because there is even a word such as a beauty salon.

Let's be active with both men and women!


Although there are tactics,


I don't want you to experience deceiving people or being deceived.

Please take care of yourself too.

That's all for this corner (*^^*)

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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