[Actual record] Members find pj like this

hello!Is it okay to do what I do every day?

lost lamb,Who will do investment love without me!?

This is Seki from the PATOLO business department.

Today, from the morning, I received a share about the contents of the sales talk with Yanase.

My eyes twinkled because it would make it easier to join 🥺✨

very nice"Investment Love"around the content of

can it spreadI think that it becomes the liver

We can discuss the advantages and disadvantagesHowever

I feel that the sincerity and charm of our PATOLO business department.

I believe that sincerity and transparency are important in both love and work.

I want that part to be unshakable and immovable.

With such a lofty spiritTo increase my salaryI kindly thank you!smile

This time is a continuation of the story at the dinner following the last time 🌸

The man who cooperated this time

・The highest class male at the time of charge

・Dating club history 7-8 years

・ Men who do not emphasize adult development

・Rich… unbelievable rich…

・ A man who always responds well to women and can recommend with confidence

I met Mr. K, the man above.

He had the experience of registering for various dating clubs and had an amazing memory.

※Like this

The impression of the email is cool,

over a few yearsDid you finally get a little relief?like a man who thinks

I wonder if I just met a man who has great communication skills! It's THE★GAP!

Hats off, or rather, I am happy to say that this is actually the kind of person ✨,

Flowers bloom in a fun story that pops and changes ♪ In full bloom ✨

It's too much fun...and the food is so delicious it can't be helped...

RecentImpressions of encounters using the app, problems, the current reputation of the club where I originally worked, and the stance of womensuch as the way of

from our staffInformation that cannot be investigatedIt was very helpful for me to tell you about.

With a certain app,If the face is too fraudulent, you will be dismissed,Is or

rather than p-katsuIt is similar to the one in the industry called Rental Girlfriend,Or something

From the beginningA stance that develops like a spy from a traderIf there are people who go on a date with me, I say on Twitter

There is a professional girl who is active without being understood that she is a so-called "chahan woman", that means

Each piece of information I hear is exactly

"Site"And"Scales from the eyes" "Water in the unsuspecting ears"Only things.

(still eating and crying... 💦)

The service provider side can not think of actually on the spot

People who "meet", "date", and "feel" have different weights in words.

And I think it's our job to take those words.

Also the universe club where I worked

We received an honest voice that the quality of the camera and video was too good and the roughness of the skin etc. was noticeable.

Some people are based on the beauty of their skin and the presence or absence of pores, so I think it will be a guideline for one offer.

I learned a lot that there is such a way of thinking.

“It is important to create a system that allows even children who are not likely to be in the dating club to register if they want to join.

CuteIf a normal and serious woman joins, men will definitely follow. ”

(Yes, a cute, normal, serious woman like me...)

I got a firm advice and felt firm.

I got a lot of other advice.

Because it's a waste (laughs)

I would like to do a little bit of it in my future blog ✨

Today's article is a bit serious~(*^^*) (Is that so?)

Thank you for your continued support. patolo Division

Yuna Seki

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