[Announcement] Cough, go to Shinjuku

I don't know what the WordPress settings are, but I can't save drafts, overwrite saves, and I can't save anything. I'm Seki, the PATOLO division in the midst of despair (*^^*) I forgot to upload yesterday, so I'm writing again. On March 3rd (Thursday) and 23th (Friday), I will be heading to Tokyo to interview the affiliated stores! !Since 24 members have been decided, I think that I have no choice but to interview them while my hands are working properly.As for the content to be confirmed and interviewed: ・Strengths (what you are focusing on) ・What kind of men are there (if not, what kind of men are you looking for?) ・What kind of women do you want to register? I would like to mainly confirm if you don't want it and if it is mainly specialized for men and women in their teens✨ I think that introducing and guiding a member store that specializes in following up with men to a member store that is good at attracting women, such as when, is quite off the mark.Each of them has their own taste, and I think they run the club with pride, so I would like to reaffirm their pride, their core, their essence. (*^^*)✨ I live in Shinjuku, so please feel free to contact me~~~✨ Thank you for your continued support (*^^*) Yuzu Seki greens Back to list >