[Check] Is it suitable for me?Not suitable?

Thank you for always taking care of me, it seems that the heavy snow is hard in Tokyo.
Will everyone who is going to work be able to wear it to the company safely...?
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The PATOLO business department sincerely hopes to spread investment love

I'm Yuna Seki, the public relations representative!






Is this really the last spurt for PATOLO to implement?as if wearing
I'm finally trembling, I'm sure that it will be a service that is really easier to use
I spend my days praying! ! ! 😢😢✨✨



Is it suitable for pj (investment romance), or is it better for dating clubs and apps only?
whether it is suitable

I would like to write about (^^)✨








▼ Women for apps



・I want to start easily
・I don't want to go to an interview
・ I want to choose a certain amount by message before meeting
・I do not want to be interfered by others because I am doing it with an aggressive attitude
・I want to reduce the time for one thing because I want to turn around in a day
・ Good at managing a large number of messages
・I never want to show my face until I meet you
・I want to create my own profile information




 For women who have such a desire relatively early, it is recommended to use only the app.





▼Women for dating clubs



・ I want to meet a man whose identity is certain
・I don't want to exchange messages until we meet
・I want to act as a deterrent to trouble through an intermediary
・ I want the staff to take beautiful pictures
・I want to receive advice
・I want you to guarantee the treatment of face-to-face
・I'm in trouble because I can't easily meet fat p on the app





On the contrary, the content that will be a negative point in the app
It might be good to think that the club is a plus 🥺







▼ Click here for women who are suitable for PATOLO







・ Women who have no particular problem with apps or clubs
・Those who are fine to register with the club, but who don't want to go to many interviews
・ A woman who wants to be given preferential treatment because she is confident in her appearance
・ Women who want to set their own transportation expenses
・ Women who want to meet various men
・ Those who like new things
etc ...

Which type do you belong to?Think about it now ✨
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Have a nice weekend (^^)

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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