[Thank you] I will make a lot of money with PATOLO next year

 Always I am indebted,

I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division.

Everyone's ๐ŸŽ„ was so sparkling that I wanted to quit all social media,
Thank you for your despair.
Please tell us how you spent your time.

Today I will take a break from the series of answers to questions, and I think this will be the last post of the year.
I'm thinking of summarizing my progress, my enthusiasm for next year, and what I want to do.

As for the progress in the movement of the PATOLO business department this year
Completion of LP (landing page) for recruitment of member storesdid.

We are currently in the process of reconciling various aspects.
We are looking forward to the day when we can open on a large scale.

I want this service to be deployed as soon as possible, yet...?
I'm one of those women who thinks
If I can do it, as a member store,
As a woman, I would like to join (what?!?).

If I can participate as a merchant
Whether you actually want to use it as a userI feel that is the key.
It would be nice if we could see actual examples such as experimental operating rate data.

And here are the things that the girls are interested in and the information they want.
What kind of people can you meet using PATOLO, and how much support do you receive per month?
Wouldn't you like to hear a live voice?I think through Twitter, SNS and interviews.

What I realized after research What I need is the truth, not the information on SNS that I don't know if it's true or not.
โ—‹ Prefectural women in their โ— teens actually work for how many days and how much money they have,
What kind of app do you use to meet people with what characteristics and how much support can you get?
Is it easy to get

Are there people in a similar situation as me?
And can the person get the money
It's not a story that's a little bit of a story or a PR, but the fact that a normal girl is completely naked,
Tips to make things better

I feel like that was what the girl wanted to know.

And I have to tell the answer that suits the child and upload it

No completely irrelevant advice, suggestions, or actual case examples.
I thought that I should think about what the women and men who use it really want to know and what they are looking for, and send it out.

I felt that it is important to properly listen to people, understand them, and actually meet them.
I also realized that the field is not everything, and the opinions of women and men other than members are very important.

I was working in such a department called 2022 PATOLO business department.

It's been a year since I've learned a lot.
Thank you very much

Also, if you have something interesting recently, I would like to post it โœจ Thank you for your continued support.

I will definitely get a boyfriend next year! ! ! ! !

Yuna Seki
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