"Investment love" started

Nice to meet you all!

PATOLO DivisionMy name is Yukina Takeuchi.

I used to be a coordinator in the Universe Club, but this time I have moved to PATOLO as a staff member.

Currently, we are mainly preparing materials for member stores and reviewing standards.

Thank you for your continued support.

PATOLO is Japan's largest matching platform that combines the advantages of both a dating club for investment romance and a matching app!

Then.What exactly are the benefits of both for members?

 Dating club 

・Interview required, identity verificationSecurity

-raw photoclose to the actual impression

・Leave it to the agentshort time matching

 App or Application or Sakurabook App 

・Easy to startaffordable priceConfiguration

・with the opposite sexDirect messagePossible

-Enhanced functionsand ease of use

Is it like this?

It's been more than 6 years since I've been involved in the dating club, but I was a stranger to some extent because I took a bite of the matching app about 5 years ago.

Can you create a service that goes beyond that to those who don't understand the current state of the app?

no! ! !

So, I actually registered for a certain famous P activity app.

* The app itself does not recommend P activity, but the actual situation is that kind of guy

Of course, it's not just for study purposes.

Looking forward to meeting some wonderful people💕

From the next time onwards, I would like to continue to deliver my impressions of using the app and the appeal of PATOLO!

*Takeuchi is scheduled to appear (post ✏) around Thursday.

Dreaming of the day when someone can enjoy...

PATOLO Division
Yukina Takeuchi

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