June 27, 2022

To you who felt that "matching apps may not suit you"

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I'm Yukina Takeuchi from the PATOLO Division.

This timeI signed up for a matching appI will write down my impressions 📱

Last blogAs I mentioned a little earlier, about 5 years ago, when I was the coordinator of the Universe Club, I registered for a matching app (as part of market research at that time).

I didn't want to make a lot of money or find a big daddy, so I went to eat with three men who I could meet with peace of mind.

At that time, my impression was
・There are many people who do not intend to pay allowances (especially those who are younger and handsome)
・Anyway, I feel intimidated when I say the conditions (amount) from myself
・Rarely calm personality, dandy appearance, no ulterior motives, good conditions!there is a gentleman
It was a feeling.

First of all, I re-registered to the app that I had registered in the past.
Anyway, I was surprised that the function evolved too much 😲!!

But that muchThe road to completion of registration felt very long.
You set your own characteristics in a selection formula, but it's difficult to choose your own appearance, regardless of your body shape.

"Cute type, beautiful type, neat type, idol type, half type etc."
What should I do if it's hard for me to choose neat or clean?and froze for about 5 minutes.
There is a way out like "not applicable", but if you choose it, it will not be appealing.
After thinking about it, I decided to use the name "onee-san", which doesn't really make sense 😂
It would be embarrassing if a man laughed at me saying, "Where is this?"🙈

Another thing that bothered me a lot was the self-introduction.
It was very convenient to be able to select an example sentence that incorporates the contents of the selection item, but if you use the example sentence as it is, there must be many men who will notice that they are not thinking on their own.
I thought about writing it myself, but it's hard to come up with a self-introduction that would appeal to men...

Honestly annoying!

If you put out your own hopes and goals too much, it seems like you won't get a match...
If you don't write too much, the exchange of messages will increase, and when things don't go wellGreater loss of time.

That point,PATOLOIf!

Since there is a face-to-face interview (including online), your impressionobjectiveThere are items that the staff will introduce to you.

While talking at the interview, youWhat kind of encounter are you looking for?stay,what purposeIs therewhat kind of valuesI will accept it firmly.

matchmaking specialistwe are with youcompatible opposite sexWhile imagining what kind of person you are, write down the good points (and sometimes the concerns to prevent mismatching).


I don't know what to write in my self-introduction

I don't know where my selling point is

Difficult to match

In case of troubles such asPlease try to register with PATOLO!

What is written in the self-introduction column of the app,
Have you ever wondered, "How real is it?"

Of course, if you are good at producing yourself, there is also a "self-introduction" item, so I would like you to appeal to your heart 💪

However, I think that it is more persuasive if it is written from an objective point of view.
Even if you don't realize it yourself or it's embarrassing to express it yourself, if the staff (agent) writes it, it will be credible!

Eh, do I have to interview?

I think there are people who think that

1 hour interviewCreate a profile that makes it easy for you to find the right person for youthen that is betterno hassle at allI personally felt it!

We also incorporated the merit part that interviews for dating clubs are requiredPATOLO!Please stay tuned!

What I felt with the app after the next time,What kind of person is suitable for PATOLO?I'll show you around 💁

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Yukina Takeuchi

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