Dating on PATOLO
Reliable fee system

Registration fee and usage fee are free.There is no cost to get started.
As an option, a certain fee is required to use the “reverse offer” where a woman applies for a date to a man.
The tip (transportation expenses) is kept by the supporter (male), and it is a safe system that PATOLO will transfer it.

Basic charge
Reverse offer

PATOLO also allows you to search for male profiles from female profiles.If you find a man (supporter) who seems to be a good person, you can send a chat from the woman.After exchanges, if the man requests a date via chat, the auto date will be established as it is, but the woman can also send the date request to the man.This is called a "reverse offer".It is necessary for the woman (talent) to pay 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen.

About chips
At PATOLO, transportation expenses are called tips.
You can decide the tip amount yourself, up to XNUMX yen.
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